A Girl in Sweats: What You’re Going To Read

I’m not gonna lie to you. Ever. I was spanked as a child if I ever lied so I refuse to do so, especially when it’s beyond unnecessary. I’m not going to lie to you about my messy life, the struggles I endure, anything I write will be the 110% truth. I want this blog to be quality with good posts and in return, I’d love for my readers to talk to me. I seriously LOVE talking to (quality) people. I love to learn about new people and their life and experiences. There’s something so special about someone willing to share the memories from their mind or to tell me their thoughts on any matter. It’s just all so fascinating. Anyways, I want us to be friends and to have a good time with this. I want this to be a positive and fun experience for all of us on each side. I read/watch constantly of people on the internet that are bombarded with hateful comments and waves of negativity. But why should we do that? I don’t understand. This world is spiteful enough so why should we do that to each other? Let’s be friends and discuss everything possible. I’ll be there for you with anything as your friend, internet sister, fairy godmother. I love to care for people.

After that little tangent, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I played sports at three years old until I was about seventeen years old when I finally called it quits. I had an ACL repair surgery in 2014 and it messed me up pretty bad. I entered into an intense depression that knocked me down pretty badly. I know what you’re going to say but I was told by my doctor that my other ACL will most likely tear due to the stress. I wouldn’t have been able to play my favorite sport for at least a couple years. It was a hard fact to swallow. I hid all of my pain behind the memories with my family and friends. This situation drove me to work hard in my academics and helped me graduate early and move away from my itty-bitty hometown. In a way, my broken spirit and knee created the woman I am today, so deep down I’m immensely grateful.

I love to write, write, and write. I should be going to college for an English degree but I’m studying Biology  (soon Biochemistry) and Criminal Justice so I can go into medical school or law school. I want you to get to know me. I’m a busy girl with a lot of thoughts and feelings so this blog won’t have a specific niche. Each post will just be about what I’m thinking about certain things, my life experiences, my favorites, etc. One post will be about beauty and then the next could be about a country’s climate. You’ll never know. I’ll write as much as I possibly can while I work full-time and go to school full-time. With that in mind, I hope you know what this blog will entail and what you’re in for.



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