High School Tips

  School is right around the corner! I’ve already graduated from high school but I remember that bittersweet experience so clearly. Not everyone who views my blog is enrolled in high school but its directed to those who are stressed about going or need some pointers. Maybe these tips could be applicable to anyone outside those parameters. So let’s discuss some tips!

Some Tips For High School

  1. You know in English class how your old, crusty teacher assigns you to read a book (as a class, individually, whatever) or you have to read a book from a list for a grade? As a fellow student, I feel your pain. But read them. Yes, you read right. Read that book. They’re not Twilight (Stephanie Meyer) or Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) but they’re on that treacherous list for a reason. Those novels are beautifully written with a message to the author’s audience and awards to prove they’ve influenced lives. In my English class my senior year, we had to read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. After reading the book and watching the movie, my perspective just changed. I thought differently about so many things. I thanked my teacher (shout out to Mr. P.) for forcing me to read one of my favorite books. It is completely worth it to finish that book.
  2. I was the type of person who hated to break rules, hated going outside of my comfort zone, and had a strict routine of my life. I hated to do anything that I haven’t already done or outside of my schedule. Then I began to hang out with a crazy group of girls that honestly changed my life. I love them to death and couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. As a forewarning, I don’t promote any illegal activities. Anyways, my little group and I would go to small parties, stay out until dawn, and have wild adventures. This part of my life introduced me to the love of my life/ fiance/ my best friend. So while I was sweating bullets at doing crazy adventures every weekend, I fell in love with my future husband and made great friends along the way that I still talk to to this day. Great things do come out of being uncomfortable.
  3. You’re going to hear this tip everywhere but engage with your school. Have school spirit, go to sporting events, join a club or ten. You’re not too cool. No one is actually cool in high school so you might as well enjoy yourself. Some of my best memories were at football games, soccer games, soccer practice, school assemblies, and homecoming spirit week. It is a lot of fun especially with your friends. It opens up opportunities to talk to people and develop friendships. 
  4. If you’re going to college, take as many AP classes as you can. It’ll literally save you thousands when you go to college. I sincerely regret not taking more AP classes but my school didn’t offer AP classes I would enjoy so I didn’t bother. But, I should have. I wish I could tell the past me to take as many as they offered because those credits are beyond valuable.
  5. Just have fun. The every day drama won’t matter. No joke. I honestly don’t remember any drama that I ever heard or was involved in. Whatever is going on only matters in the short run, never the long run. Keep having fun and do whatever pleases your mind, body, soul. 
  There’s my list of wisdom for you guys so do with it that you will. I wish I had someone tell me these tips my first day of freshman year so my high school experience would be extremely better. 
P.S. I’m posting twice today because I posted last night but it didn’t publish so I had both of these prepared. Once I get a schedule set up for posting, I’ll stick to it instead of having it so erratic. Thanks for understanding!

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