Young Marriages

Wow, time flew by this past weekend. It was the most exhilarating, hectic, romantic, fun, and emotional four days of my life. I’m not going to pointlessly write about the fun times with my family and friends but focus on a huge milestone that happened this weekend. The first day we were there, my boyfriend proposed to me! Although I can hear your applause, cheers, and congratulations, I need to explain my situation to you. When we first announced our engagement, my friends were obviously ecstatic for us and were highly supportive of our decision to marry. But announcing it to my family was a different story. They clearly had many concerns, warnings, but still much love for us. To be honest, I understand where they come from. I am eighteen years old going on nineteen in a few months. I’m an ambitious college student that lives with her head in the clouds, and working way too much. They were worried I was jumping into something I wasn’t ready for nor prepared for. But I do understand. Most of my family members got married before they were twenty, either because of a pregnancy or because they were young and in love. Statistically, my new fiance and I don’t have a chance. According to infamous mathematicians, our marriage will fail and will end in divorce. Amusingly grim, isn’t it? But that statistic applies to those family members as well since all of them ended in divorce. But I’d like to think my relationship is different. He truly is my best friend and the love of my life but I’m still getting asked why we’re getting married so soon. Well, because we want to. We want to be married and to join our lives in every way possible. That may not be enough for some but it is (among other reasons) for us. 
I’m not saying all young couples getting married isn’t a train wreck waiting to happen but I’d like to be positive about this new and upcoming chapter. By the way, he doesn’t have any wealth, he’s a very hard-working man who appreciates being able to support himself. With medical school coming up and finishing my undergraduate schooling, I believe it’s a prime time to marry. I’ve thought this choice through since we’ve began discussing marriage months and months ago. I haven’t made a decision in my adult life that would ever threaten my future or bind it in any way. My advice is to choose your significant other that is supportive, kind, loyal, loving, and someone you’re proud to introduce to your grandfather. Find someone that doesn’t hold you back from the experiences you want to live, supports you with every decision you make, and makes sure you’re loved every millisecond of the day. You have to choose every single day to love them, no matter how stinking hard it is that day. They are your best friend, your significant other, you’re other half, and should be treated as so. 
We’ve all had that one heartbreak that has shown us what we want in our spouse or partner and I strongly believe I’ve found my person. What do you think about young marriages? Do you believe in young love lasting for a lifetime? Let me know if you want me to write about the engagement or any aspects of our relationship.

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