I had a moment yesterday that I had to really think about for twenty hours. I was at work when my co-worker and I heard the blaring echoes of a firetruck. Our eyes followed the truck and gasped when it parked right across the street. We stood in shock when we realized the purpose of the stop was for a  hit-and-run motorcycle accident. My co-worker kept mumbling about how tragic the accident was and how dangerous it is for motorcyclists to ride around our city. But all I could think was if only I was finally a doctor and able to run over and help out the rider as much as I could. The victim and I would wait together as the ambulance has to wade through the constant traffic. I could finally rid myself of the constant feeling of helplessness. 

So I’m writing a mini post on why I want to be a doctor.
  I’m a family-oriented gal. My family is everything to me and I would do just about everything for them. My family has always struggled with medical issues. Heart, lung, joints, ligaments, livers, and many others. We’re just a hot mess. With all these problems arising, I’ve had to cope with not being helpful. All I can do is support, help, and care about each situation. Which is hard for someone who needs to be able to help her loved ones. I care so deeply about the people I’m close to that it’s difficult to only stand by and only hold their hand. I’m so excited for the day that I’ll be able to actually help my family and others. To have that ability would be completely reassuring and definitely worth the years of work and hardship I’m on the journey of enduring.

  For all the others in the same situation as myself, you are validated to answer the question of “Why?” with the simple to help others. It doesn’t hurt with the benefit of the money, insurance, and others. But if your sole reason is to help then don’t explain yourself further if they don’t believe you. They’re going to nag about the amount of student loans you’ll have to pay, the years of learning and training, and the workload you’ll put into your job. So ignore and get back to your amazing classes that are one step closer to your freaking awesome career. 



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