That Future Moment

  All my life, I’ve had this vision for myself and how it would turn out. I would have a pretty apartment, in a pretty city, with a nice man by my side. I would have a comfortable lifestyle, travel as much as humanly possible, and read as many books as I can. I want a life to make my soul happy, ya know? But there’s a certain moment I’m picturing clear as day. It’s in an apartment in New York City, probably Manhattan (I”m not too familiar with the area), its nighttime with only the tinkling lights of the skyline below us, and my husband is leading me around the living room dancing to Frank Sinatra. That moment feels so peaceful and honestly, that’s why I’m working so hard. I’m working the hardest I can so I can soon enjoy that moment and live in that bliss.

  Since I was little, I’ve always wanted that. I wanted a happiness that I can share with another person, be at peace and be able to dance and enjoy my life. I don’t want a wealthy lifestyle. I want to live happily, comfortably, and wonderfully. I don’t want a glamorous and expensive lifestyle. I want a happy marriage, a healthy family, and a good home. The rest of it doesn’t mean much of anything to me. I care too much about my well-being and the people around me to get caught up a lifestyle that isn’t meant for me.

  Right now, as I’ve wrote to you guys before, I am working full-time and going to school full-time, and despite not having any free time or really anytime for anything, I’m just so happy. I love going to school and I sincerely enjoy my job. All I can think is “Wow, it gets better from here.” Everyone should love where they’re at and if you’re not, then change something. I moved four hours away from home and can’t help but feel it to be the best choice for me. This life is hard and messy but enjoying your life will make it worth it.



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