Wow, Look at Me.

   Hey, everyone! I’m actually posting when I told you I would! Anyways, I’m going to give you some tips on dealing with stress and anxiety. These have always helped before tests, job interviews, and a lot of other things. These are things I picked up from therapists, online, and from word- of- mouth.

  1. Put on scented lotion. Find one that is your favorite smell anytime you feel stressed or anxious. My favorite is Violet Orchid by O.P. I. It smells absolutely fantastic and honestly relaxes my mind. 
  2. Have something warm in your hand. Whether its tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or anything else, it usually promotes relaxation and a soothing feeling. I always drink warm coffee and warm tea before I do homework. I always get majorly stressed out before homework so it helps me out to calm my nerves and focus.
  3. If you’re frustrated on one thing, do something else for a couple minutes. The other day, I was working on some files at work and my manager noticed how frazzled I was getting at a particular file, so he sent me to do something simple to get my mind off of it. It did help to relax me and help me to focus on a solution with the file.
  4. Listen to quality music. I normally do that when I’m doing some stressful activities and it lowers my blood pressure!
  5. Take a walk. Seriously, take a walk. Do something active. I do this in between  cleaning and my next chore. It really does calm me down.
Hope these help as they’ve helped me. I’m going to get better about this. I promise! 
Also, what would you think about me starting social media for this blog? I’ve been bouncing the idea around. Let me know if that’s a good idea!

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