Have Some Dang Work Ethic

Guys, I cannot tell you enough how frustrated I am with people without a work ethic! I just want to shove a piece of paper with the definition of work ethic up their nose.

Work ethic: noun


a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherentability to strengthen character.

(thank you Dictionary.com for that!)
I find it intolerable to be lazy in the work place. This is your place to earn your money and deserve it. I work with an individual that is so lazy that they makes you act like their personal assistant and will probably make us wipe their butt. It’s frustrating. I’m doing all of their work on top of mine and I’m not getting paid for it. It’s purely ridiculous. It’s not a difficult thing to do your job, even at an average level. It’s not difficult to work hard and try to be better than how you did yesterday. It really isn’t. Please understand that we all do have our days of not wanting to work and just be lazy but the work environment isn’t the time nor place.

It’s not hard to go a little above and beyond a little bit every day. That skill will help your skills, your confidence, and look very well on you. You’ll want those references from past employers to brag about how you’re a hard worker, you have a good attitude, and you are easy to work with. Those are invaluable when your future boss of your dream job reads them and decides you deserve the job. Seriously, I look at who I mentioned above and my hard-working manager and I just think “Wow, they’re amazing. They’re unstoppable.” I want to be unstoppable. 

Be unstoppable yourself.


(Wow, I’m posting. Aren’t you proud?)

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