Top Fave Shows

Favorite TV Shows of All Time

  1. Grey’s Anatomy– I cannot get over my obsession with this hit TV show. I thank my lucky stars for Shonda Rhimes and her wonderful work! It’s about the journey of medical interns from day one all the way until current (they’re fellows and all that right now so the series is super long but amazing!) It’s one to watch if you like drama, suspense, and handsome men/ women.
  2.  Friends– This is a classic and comes to no surprise to those around me. I can seriously watch this show every day until the day I die and still not get sick of it. I love the dynamic of all the characters, the humor in each episode, and the plot of the over all series. It began in the 1990’s and ended in 2004. It really is timeless and always a hoot to watch!
  3. Vampire Diaries– I read all these books before I watched this show and although they’re basically two different plots, the show is still enticing. I’ve almost finished the series for the fourth time and I’m still obsessed with the characters (especially all the handsome gentlemen), the different perspective of the supernatural world, and the story line. It’s especially nice to watch in October with all the scares and the ‘horror’ aspects in there.
  4. The Office– Guys, I can’t get enough of this show! These characters are so funny and what the writers are seriously a bunch of genius people. The characters are witty, relatable, and people I definitely want to meet. Their stories are just so stinking funny and the episodes are so funny.

These are all on Netflix if you need a few good shows to binge watch. I highly recommend them and anyone that have seen them, tend to enjoy them. I’m thinking of starting Stranger Things.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

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