"I am…"

  I’ve always wanted to be a writer. It’s always been my guilty dream. It’s a dream that would be hard to accomplish with all the talented competition. I’ve always wanted to write a piece of art that changes a life. I’ve read so many books that have changed my perspective and even my life. I’ve always appreciated a book that opens my mind even more. Or a book that gives me a mental vacation from the struggles of life. How could I not want to write a book that delivers the same experience?
  Since the ripe age of ten years old, I’ve written “stories” about juvenile romance, mystical fantasies, and simple tales. I’ve always started but I’ve never finished. Through all of the plots I’ve conjured in my mind, I’ve thought they were good and well thought out. My only problem was that I always gave up on them. I never dedicated time for them. I really wish I did because I feel like they had a chance of going somewhere, ya know? I always made the excuse that I had homework or I had to work or school is taking up too much time. I am filled with excuses. DON’T BE FILLED WITH EXCUSES. GET IT DONE.

   I’m really not sure what I would write about that is creative and spectacular enough to release into the world, but I’m thinking and planning and writing some drafts. I’ve always looked up to authors like Cassandra Clare, J.K. Rowling, and others. Their series are works are art and I want that. If I’m going to do something as big as publishing a book, then I want it to be the very best and be enjoyed. I want to create something that I’m proud to read to my children, my family, and my friends. I want to give the world the best piece of me that is good.

   I keep saying “I want to…” but I haven’t been saying “I am…”. The difference is huge because it demonstrates that I’m actually shooting for my dream instead of still wishing for it and telling all of my internet people out there. We dream of accomplishing our dreams but we end up still wishing for them when we’re talking to our grandchildren about how we “thought about it” or “didn’t have the time” but in reality, J.K. Rowling has the same twenty-four hours as me. She finished a beautiful masterpiece that has touched literally millions of people. And so I’m saying:

I am going to write a novel.

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