What I’ve Learned As An Adult

  I’ve been on my own for almost a year now! Go me! I’ve endured some tough lessons in all aspects of my short life and learned many skills along the way. I’ve already Googled, heard, and tried many new skills that have improved my life or didn’t mess it up any more. So, I’ve compiled a list of things that have helped me through my every day life.

What I’ve Learned So Far

  1. Dry your clothes! Seriously take the extra time and money to dry your clothes because the smell of mildew is NOT cute. It ruins your confidence and just smells gross. So invest some extra quarters or extra cash for the water bill because it’s so worth it. Plus, scented dryer sheets (my favorite is the Downy Lavender dryer sheets ) add a hint of fragrance that is appealing and subtle.
  2. Speaking of laundry, do it every week. It’ll be less overwhelming than washing your entire closet and dresser all in one day. That’s stressful and unnecessary! Have a routine to do it on one day and do some extra chores in between loads. I do my laundry on Tuesdays because my fiance has the day off from work as well and can help me and it’s more fun with another person. We typically clean our room in the meantime and get ready for our pre-marital counseling sessions. 
  3. Invest in a good face mask. Being an adult, especially a newbie, comes with loads of stress and hardship. Doing a face mask once or twice a week feels good for your mental state and your skin. My fiance and I have been using the L’Oreal Brighten and Detox Clay Mask about once a week and it feels awesome and we get to take some cute pictures! It feels amazing to pamper myself especially after a long day or week.
  4. Arrive every where you go about fifteen minutes early. If you’re early, you’re not late. It looks good on your character, especially for work and job interviews. It can also give you some extra time to drink water, eat a snack, read a little, and whatever that you want to do. Since I’ve started this habit, I’ve been a little less stressed and I carry a book with me so I can enjoy myself for a quick minute. 
  5. Call your family. I’ve been blessed with a fantastic and supportive family that I absolutely love. Even though I’m only a few hours away, it’s still incredibly hard to be away from my loved ones. It’s difficult not to be able to support them and be around them often especially when there’s some many milestones that the get past. My grandparents have bad health issues and they’re moving an hour away from where they previously lived so it’s honestly so tough to not be able there to help them whenever they need me or to grab them groceries or whatever. My little brother turned six this week and I could only tell him through FaceTime and all I wanted to do was hug him and spend the day with him. Call your family once a week and it’ll improve your mood. 
  6. Enjoy your life. Go to concerts, plays, the library, a new restaurant, a national park, and anything else that could be fun! Save some spare change and splurge and go out to have fun! We all get caught up in working, school, and life in general in which we don’t go out to have fun to make some memories! You do deserve it and should take the time to do something out of your normal schedule. 
These are just a few that I’ve had to learn pretty recently but there are numerous lessons I’ve learned since journeying out to be on my own. I’d love to learn some of yours!

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