Is It Okay To Change Your Life Plan?

  If you’ve read some of my past blogs, you know I’m studying biology to become a doctor. I moved across the state to begin my life’s calling but something has changed. My life is crazy busy and so amazingly blessed. I have a great job, a great soon-to-be husband and a wonderful family. But there’s a lot going on with my family that I think we’ll need to move back for a short while. I’ve thought about it constantly and talked to my fiance about it and I believe we’re on the same thought: It’s time to move back home. We’re not going to live with our parents but instead have our own house and work and I’ll do online classes so I can stay caught up (this is the rough draft of the plan) and I have the ability to take care of those that need me. I’m clearly anxious and nervous but this is the next step for my life. I need to be with family for the coming months and I need to save up for the next part of my life. Denver, where I am now, isn’t my home. It’s been taking care of me wonderfully but I’ve grown out of this city and I’m ready for something even newer.
  Now that you know my current situation (in part), I want to ask: is it okay to change your life plan? Is it acceptable to readjust and do something different than what you planned for? We’ve already planned out our living situation and have a standard of what we’ll be looking for with work and it’ll help our savings account grow even more which’ll help with the wedding and moving to our next city. I’m still conflicted if this is right but a huge part of me is say “YES THIS IS OKAY BECAUSE YOU’LL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND BE SAVING MORE MONEY.” The other part of me is hesitant because “What if I’m stuck there and can’t get out?” or “What if I don’t accomplish my dreams?” Honestly, I don’t believe these will happen because I’ve gotten out before and I will always work to be successful in my dreams. No doubt about it. I know I’m changing my life right now for the better but a part of me will always be cautious about this decision. I know it’s best but dang I can over think it.
  Sorry this is such a lengthy but short rant on this but I do want your advice and thoughts because I just don’t know!



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