We’re Doing It

   If you read the last post from this past weekend, then this post will make a lot of sense. If not I’ll link it right here so you’ll be caught up. So, we’re moving back home. We’ve either told some members of the family already otherwise we’re announcing it this week when we come to visit. But guys, I’m extremely happy with my decision. I’ve thought of so many plans we can have like a Christmas Party, New Years Eve Party, my birthday party, etc. I’m excited just thinking about it! I’ll have the ability to help out my family, actually see my family, and create more memories with my family. I’m so excited for this chance to be happy again surrounded with my family. Plus I’ll have an extremely cheap rent rate so I can afford a nice wedding and have the ability to save for the places I want to live in the future. How my fiance put it was “We get to spend some of the best years of our lives with our loved ones.” I’m not compromising my education or dreams. I’ll get to do it all still just with movie nights with my brothers, a spa day with my sister, or work outs with my step mom. There’s SO MANY possibilities on the amount of fun I’ll get to have and the life I’ll live will be exponentially better. I’ll have a support system with all of my loved ones!! This is so huge for me and I can’t express how excited I am for this wonderful decision.

  Since I’m going out of town, I obviously have to dress a lot nicer than what I do on a day to day basis. So I was thinking of posting my outfits for that day? It’ll definitely be achievable casual fall outfits that you can wear! I don’t want this to be a fashion blog but it might be kind of fun and you’ll get an inside how I dress (it follows closely with my weird personality!) I’m doing a lot of fun activities like a meeting with my venue office lady, my brother’s birthday party, a coffee date with some old friends, a Halloween party (I might show you guys my costume!), and unpacking my grandparents house. Clearly, I’ll have to pack a wide range of outfits to be comfortable and decently attractive. I’m thinking of having a category for this where I post my outfit, make up, and hair for my work outfits, school outfits, lounging around the house outfits, and every outfit in between. It’s just a thought since it won’t be glamorous like the outfits on Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media site. It’ll definitely be achievable and fun and semi-cute and inexpensive since I am the classic broke college student!

Happy monday, guys! Accomplish your goals for the week!


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