Wednesday Musings

  It’s the middle of the week and I’m feeling it. I’m feeling the bone-deep exhaustion, the feeling of being done, the overwhelming stress of my days. I’m feeling so much negativity and not enough happiness. Life is getting to me but I’m about to go on a nice vacation full of family and friends fun. I’m so excited! With such a busy and crazy life, I can’t help but look forward to my exciting vacation. This morning, I felt the little things wear me down. Then I thought to myself “You’re a strong independent young woman taking on the world.” I continued on with a lengthy pep talk on my slow drive to work. I reminded myself that I have so many things going on that I can’t afford to stop now and pity myself. No, my friend, you can’t do that. I have a wedding to plan, a move to plan, school to accomplish, work to be busy with, and many more. I have a lot on my plate that needs to get done and I can’t be occupied with a pity party! If I want that good life, I need to keep busting my butt to get them done, ya know? I’m fine being sad and stressed out as long as I’m scratching out my to do list.
  I’m surrounded by hard-working women that knock out their obstacles every day. My step mom is a BeachBody trainer (I’m not sure) and is so driven to have a healthy life, to have a positive life, and to build up her tiny empire. My mom is a skin care consultant for Rodan &Fields and has grown out of her comfort zone and has gained so much confidence. My aunt went back to school (after getting her Bachelors in Business) for her real estate license and has been extremely busy with that and doing well for herself. They all utilize social media to grow their individual businesses and I’m in awe of how far they’ve come and inspired for the goals they’ve set up for themselves. They all have to manage to maintain their households and have a balanced work-life. These are the women role-models that I aspire to have their determination, work ethic, and composure.
  My dad is actually one of my other inspirations. He has his own tiling business that has exploded recently to the point he booked for months! He has such great talent and works extremely hard to meet his deadlines. He’s also so humble about everything including his success. He’s the type of person to tell you when something isn’t okay and gives some of the best advice.
  I’m surrounded by driven and wonderful people that I do strive to be like. I have all the right examples to push myself further and past the point of comfort. I have great dreams that I wish to accomplish and to be the person that will be best for the world. I do not want to settle for the minimum that life has to offer. I want a life that is filled with blessings, laughter, and great novels. I’ve made it this far and I have a long way to go.


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