No Motivation Sunday

  Let me lay it all out for you: it’s a cloudy Sunday, a cool breeze flitting around, and I’m so exhausted. After such a long weekend filled with stress, fun, and memories. I had the ability to take a whole day to plan my wedding (not all of it but at least I know how much more I have to do!). I was able to be with my grandparents, spend time with some friends, and see my entire family. It was overall the shortest yet LONGEST weekend of my life. I came home exhausted, highly sleep deprived, and lacking any energy. I have to do chemistry homework and a quiz on top of that so I’m mentally freaking out but still not going to move a muscle in the direction of the homework.
  I hate traveling because then I come home extremely tired and ready to binge watch Greys Anatomy and eat bowls of mac and cheese. I actually just woke up from my second nap after eating a bag of M & M’s. I honestly don’t regret a thing. I worked so hard this weekend and played even harder. It was a wonderful vacation (not really a vacation since it wasn’t all that relaxing but I did get some awesome homemade meals that touched my soul) that was especially needed. With life as crazy and hectic as it was, it was needed to go back home to reconnect with my roots. I watched cyst extractions with my grandpa, morning cuddles and cartoons with my little brother, and was able to see all of my scattered family around the family table. It feels good that I’m moving back to my happy hometown so soon. Our decision feels right. It’s good to go into such a wonderful time of our lives surrounded with our crazy, loud, and loving family.
  I was going to do a post dedicated to the outfits I wore on my trip but I seriously had no time to even take pictures so my apologies if anyone cared to have it on my blog!
  Well, I guess I should tackle my looming homework that is pressing me to finish it. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready to conquer another fantastic week! First week of November, here we come!


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