Motivated Monday

   Ever wake up on a bright and sunny Monday morning and feel so ready to accomplish your goals and knock out your to-do list? Yeah, neither have I. We all feel the dread to pry ourselves out of our comfy, warm bed into the cold and boring office. No one wants to walk into the office after a relaxing weekend to tackle their pile of work. But you know what? I’m feeling motivated now. After five cups of coffee, a jam session with Beyonce, and a black (as my soul) outfit, I finally felt ready to conquer the day. I have a to-do list the length of a football field but I’m ready. I’ve set up my short-term goals like plans for my wedding, what homework to do each night and chores I want to get done this week. On top of that, I’ve set up my long-term goals such as ones for this blog, school, and moving. I’m prepared for this week and the coming weeks/months.
   I’m going to be as transparent as possible with this blog and say that I’m learning about being a blogger. It’s my passion and I love to write! I’m learning how to plan and prepare posts, growing my audience, and utilizing social media. I’m learning more and more every day and enjoying every second. I’ve been working on it all morning and seeing how I’m able to grow and be a better writer as well so my audience isn’t reading awful content (you guys don’t deserve that!). I’m ready to make this an even better experience for you guys. Let me know any suggestions to do so.
   Today has been productive. I’ve accomplished a lot and I sincerely you guys get your tasks done! We’ve got a lot to accomplish in so little time and such a big world to change. It’s time to get to work and for us to work on leaving this world even better than the one we were born into.


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