How to Overcome Bad Bosses

  I think anyone with an employment history knows a thing or two about a bad boss. There’s different types which makes it even better. Here’s a short list of the fraction of the types of terrible bosses out in the world.

Types of Bad Bosses

  1. The one that is a lazy sack of potatoes. I work with one right now and let me tell you, it’s so tough to get your own work done when that boss doesn’t care to do her own job! It affects you when they’d rather look up pretty dresses for a pretty dance. I love my job and solely my job and don’t like doing theirs. They never show up and usually have the best excuses as to why. For example, my lazy boss took off three days because her house was infested with bed bugs!
  2. That creepy boss that is borderline sexually harassing you. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with this type of boss and it is scary to have to go into work. I actually quit that job in a Target bathroom through a text (Be proud of me, Mom.) This one is always a sticky situation since they are a person of authority.
  3. The one that always looks down on you. This one is special because they always raise their condescending eyebrows at you and always have a faint trace of a frown on their lips. They always treat you like you’re a five year old mentally and think you couldn’t figure out the basics of your job. Nothing irritates me more than a person who is a figure of authority treat you lower than them. They always have to pick you out of everyone in the work place and complain about something. My boss told me I didn’t say “one thousand” right and said it like “uh thousand”. Everyone in the office says it like “uh thousand” including that boss and the assistant manager. 
  4. One with a bad attitude. This special cookie only speaks negatively. They only complaining and have snarky comments spitting out of their mouth
   These are just a few and don’t get me wrong, I have had amazing bosses before that I still appreciate to this day but there’s always those bad apples that ruin your job even more. So, I have a few strategies that have helped me get through these obstacles.

Strategies That Have Helped Me Get Through Awful Bosses

  1. Ignore them. Seriously, guys, don’t even bother with a pity party or get emotional about them. If they’re willing to tear others down, then they have their own sad life to deal with. It’s not worth the emotional effort to get bothered by mean people.
  2. Tell your boss how you feel. Tell them their treatment with you isn’t acceptable nor comfortable. They need to know how their actions are affecting 
  3. Speak up! Tell your HR representative the situation or go to their boss. They need to know how their employees are feeling and being treated. Especially so they don’t have any lawsuits. It’s their job to protect their employees.
  4. Quit/ transfer. If you feel as though your life is endangered and the previous steps don’t work, leave. You don’t want to work for a company that undervalues their employees and doesn’t respect the basic human life that they employed. Get out. It’s unfortunate but believe that things happen for a reason. 

  I hope these help! I totally empathize with you guys with the bad bosses. There’s more out there but these are the most common. I’ve been there. I’m still dealing with them and I’m positive I’ll always deal with bad bosses until I’m my own boss (my dream right there) so I do understand the struggle. We’ve all been there and it’ll always be a problem so good luck and keep kicking butt at work!


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