Can Mondays Even Be Good?

  Well, it’s Monday morning and I think we can all agree that no one wanted to get out of bed this morning. I would much rather be cuddled up with my cat and watch The Vampire Diaries with a warm cup of tea to sip on. But, being an adult requires me to get my lagging bum out of my comfortable sweatpants and baggy shirt and into work pants, heels, and a fresh face of makeup. Yeah, I’m good. With the colder weather seeping it’s way into the days, it makes it even more tempting to stay holed up in bed. I miss the days when I lived in the college dorms because I could sleep in as late as I wanted every day since I had classes and work in the afternoon. Now that I have an apartment, I have to work the normal 9-6 job with dread coursing my veins (I love how dramatic I can be). With that being put out in the universe (the Internet), I’ve compiled a list to stay focused, having a decent Monday, and kicking butt while you’re at it!

Tips for a Good Monday

  1. Wake up early! Waking up on a Monday morning is terrible enough as it is and waking up thirty minutes earlier won’t be that fabulous either. But with that thirty minutes before you start getting ready could be productive. Get your coffee/ tea ready, do some yoga poses to wake your body and mind up, plan out your day then your week, and take time for yourself to prepare for your day.
  2. Have a breakfast to look forward to. Plan your breakfast out Sunday and make it as yummy as possible! My favorite is yogurt with granola (berries are a nice addition as well) and scrambled eggs. It’s simple and quick but still so stinking good! No one has the time to make pancakes or a delicacy so do something fast and easy to do. Add some garnish in there too so you can pretend to know how to be a chef. 😉
  3. Think about your goals. If you don’t have goals, how do you know if you accomplished anything? Setting up daily goals and week-long goals helps keep you accountable, focused, and staying busy. Bonus: reward yourself if you complete your goals! Buy yourself a new shirt, a delicious dinner, or a new book! It’s a physical reminder that you’re productive and kicking your goals to the curb.
  4. Plan something fun for after work. Go to a movie, a night in with your friends, or lay in bed so you can catch up on your binge- watching. We all know the real fun after work is laying in bed to watch Netflix.
  5. This isn’t exactly a tip for productivity for any day but something that has helped me to relieve my anxiety of the day and focus on bettering the next day at work. I usually leave work so stressed and typically have a story to tell from that day so I love to call my mother, grandmother, my dad, or fiance. It relieving to get my day’s troubles off my chest and to vent about my terrible boss. It’s beneficial to let it all out and get feedback from that person. We had a very intoxicated man come into our office to harass us and wouldn’t leave even when we asked him to. I was so scared being as there was only one other person in the office and she was just as scared as I was. After the police left, I called someone to tell them and let it all out and hung up the phone feeling so much better. I haven’t done much research on how this helps the human mind but once I do, I’ll fill you guys in! Telling someone about your day is therapeutic so practice it every day. Just don’t gossip!

 These are things I’ve learned since I began working and help me be efficient and effective at my job. I hope these help you out as well! What helps you be awesome?


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