It’s Coming… (Flu Season)

I have some bad news for you guys that I think will shock your socks off. It is “The Time to Get Sick” season where everyone gets colds, strep, and the flu. I just finally got over my strep throat and thought “Wow, I miss my mom.” She usually let me skip school (except for that time I had mono. Thanks again for that, Mom…) and babied me. It felt nice and I was feeling nostalgic since I was the primary person caring for me. A con to being an independent adult is not being able to have your mom or whomever to take care of you while you’re all germ-y and disgusting. Plus, if you’re not sick enough, you still have to go to work and classes. Bottom line: it’s not fun to be a sick adult. With that being said, I’m composing a bunch of tips I learned since being on my own to take care of yourself and not having anyone to nurse you back to health. I’m also including products (ex. tea) that you can buy online since it sucks to drag yourself to the grocery store. Some of these links I’m including are affiliate links which I will mark with as asterisk (*).

Tips to Nursing Yourself Back to Your Non-Sickly Self

  1. Drink warm herbal tea! It tastes delicious and has many benefits along with it. For all the stomach flu folks, ginger tea will be your best bet since it relieves nausea. When I have a cold, flu, or strep, I love to drink peppermint tea (my favorite of all time is Stash Tea *) with a spoonful of honey. Peppermint helps to keep you hydrated and the honey helps soothe an irritated cough. Lemon is also a good additive since it has vitamins to help your immune system function better.
  2. Rest and stay hydrated. It’s acceptable to take a day to yourself to relax and stay in bed. This’ll give your body time and more energy to recover itself. To get better quicker, you need to rest and stay hydrated. Broth and water are both recommended to staying hydrated.
  3. Take extra vitamin C. This’ll be important to boost your immune system and to get those wheels turning quicker. Vitamin C treats the common cold which is the popular sickness this time of year.
  4. Take a hot shower or bath. This’ll open up your nasal passageway so you can get all that nasty mucus gunk out of your system. It’ll also relieve sore muscles which occur with coughing and as a symptom of some illnesses. Add some tea tree oil in a bath will help relieve congestion and soothe discomfort associated with the flu and colds. There’s others that you can use for various other reasons in a bath, rubbing them on the hurting areas, or through an inhaler/diffuser. The cheapest one I’ve found online is the Essential Oil Diffuser (*)from Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, it’ll get to you in a couple days and have free shipping! Research more on aromatherapy to find an essential oil that fits your needs best. I’m thinking after my research, I’ll make a post about benefits on each one. Tea tree oil in a bath just helped me for when I was sick.
  5. Eat some delicious chicken noodle soup. This warms up your soul and body. It’s the best medicine and comforts you while you’re feeling so down. I ate chicken noodle soup twice a day for a couple weeks since that was the only thing that helped uplift my spirits at work and while I was doing homework.
  6. This one will sound stupid but it helps mental state while sick. When we are sick, we’re extremely vulnerable. You don’t want to be laying in bed watching the latest Fast and Furious movie. You should be cuddling with a memorable object from the good ‘ole days and watch your favorite childhood movies. I always cuddle this quilt that my grandmother gave me when I had ACL reconstruction surgery and watch Disney movies. Occasionally I’ll throw in some Audrey Hepburn films in the mix to make me feel semi-grown up! This is more comforting to us psychologically than any tea or soup could provide.
We all get sick. That’s our curse for having fragile bodies. It’s even worse when your mom isn’t there to comfort you and cuddle you in your time of need. These are useful tips to substituting your mom or favorite caregiver while you’re on your own. What are some things you’ve learned when you’re sick that are helpful?



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