What I Learned from this Election

   This was my first election I had the ability to vote in. I was extremely happy that there was a woman on the ballot. I do want to say that I’m not going to write anything that supports any presidential candidate. That’s not the purpose of this post but is instead going to be about my observations and my reaction to them. I know many of you are filled with constant words from articles, tweets, posts, etc. about this election so I do understand if you want to skip this post.
    Being as this was an election that I could involve myself in, I took some interest in it. I learned more about politics in the past year than I thought possible. I learned so much about this country as a whole that I should talk about. I’m a young adult that is engrossed in learning as much as possible and need to put my two cents in. Let me say first, I hate politics but being as it’s integrated into our daily life, it needs to be learned and discussed.
    The media got trashy. Media outlets became brutal and offensive. They brought plenty of emotions into it that became a little too much. I don’t think we need anything but the facts so as an everyday person we have the ability to make our own opinions. Media is notorious for twisting events, words, and actions to fit what message they want out there. Social media (Twitter and Facebook especially) was filled with different perspectives, memes, terrible pictures, and more just to prove an individual’s point. A big one that I’ve been seeing on my news feed are the thoughts on the riots. People are either extremely annoyed, encouraged, or defensive on those groups actions. I’m not swayed either way but I’m hurt that people feel the need to attack each other. Yes, you’re using your freedom of speech but why not using for positive words? Why can’t we all just respect different opinions than our own? Why can’t we discuss and not automatically attack? Many people are grieving and hurting about one thing so respect their opinions and let it go. Despite who the president is or who you voted for, this country needs to be filled with love and respect of human life. Anything less is heartbreaking. It’s not fair to have children born into this world thinking hate, destruction, and negativity is acceptable.
I do completely understand people are scared, heartbroken, happy, excited, and many other emotions but c’mon. Be decent humans and role models for the future generations. They need to know how to act in the time of unrest. Again, I hope it’s coming across that I’m Switzerland when it comes to this past election. I’m absolutely devastated from the reaction of most of everyone, from each side, from every state. I hate that people are hurting others. I’m wanting the absolute best for our beautiful country and for our world.


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