Productive on My Day Off?

  What a horrific and fatal sentence! “Being productive on my day off?” Excuse me but no thank you. I’d rather sleep in until mid morning, lazily get myself coffee and food, and then possibly…potentially…maybe think about cleaning the kitchen. But with only a couple days off a week, getting stuff done seems to be the only option for days off. I always struggle getting out of my sweatpants, putting on makeup, and starting my day. It’s a wretched feeling that ruins a perfectly innocent day! Despite all the wonderful reasons to stay in bed and binge watch The Office, it’s time to get work done (guys this post was meant for last Saturday and I’ve been putting it off because that’s how comfy my bed was. I didn’t even want to think about writing ;-)) This next part will be a little off topic and then we’ll get on with the actual content. I was meaning to post on Saturday with this exact post but my ex-roommate FINALLY moved out but left a major mess in her wake. She absolutely trashed her room, the common spaces, unplugged the fridge, and many more. I was cleaning it all up (I got an extra bathroom so I can get ready in peace so that’s a perk!) Then came Fall break and I was enjoying a lot of quality time with family (I traveled back home for Thanksgiving) and enjoying a lengthy vacation. I truly meant to post but life got in the way, ya know? So, I mean I was productive with my day off but I would rather put all that energy for you and my blog. I don’t mean to be personal and all that but you’re my friend (Good luck!) and friends air out their frustrations no matter how personal! If you’ve kept reading to here, let me give you some tips to being productive on even the laziest of days.

Why Am I Even Out of Bed? 

  1. Write down a list of everything you want to get done for the day. It’s helpful to know what you want to get done and what’s on your to-do list. Also schedule in some relaxation and fun so you can enjoy your day and life. Doing this in the beginning of your day begins productive so that’s a great start.
  2. Realize that your personal life needs you. Being as you are a busy person with work or school or sports or friends, etc. You have to separate your work life and get your work done with your personal life. It’s important to keep everything up-to-date and keeping things flowing. 
  3. It’s a great place to start being an adult. Unfortunately, life has a way on playing tricks on us saying “Being an adult is so fun!” and “It’s full of a good time!” Yeah, no. There’s bills, things to pay for, and so much stress. But breaking it down into lists and getting solutions concocted so there aren’t any terrible consequences. 
These are the best pieces of advice I can give because that’s about it. You need to be an adult. It’s simple. It’s not cool to be that one person who chooses to not get it all figured out and is just lazy through all aspects of their life. Don’t be that person. Learn the tough lessons and get to know who you are as an adult. It’s a truly amazing experience to get to know yourself in a completely different world. I hope your week was fabulous!

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