It’s Time to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

 I describe my comfort zone as that warm, perfect cup of coffee that you drink while warm in bed as you watch a funny episode of Friends. It’s safe, soothing, and pleasant. The world outside of your comfort zone is uncharted, unknown, and faintly scary. But it’s also exhilarating, exciting, and gratifying. Let me give you a personal example: I started this blog. This blog terrified me but also brought me out of my bubble. I began writing about my random thoughts and people actually liked it! I always get positive comments on my blog and it really does warm up my heart. I’m serious. I never thought I would get such an uplifting response so I genuinely appreciate it. From this blog and from you, I gained this all new confidence and a strong drive to grow. I never thought I’d want to expand this tiny website into something much greater. So, thank you for changing my life. I’ve been waiting to thank you for a long while so now let’s move on from the mushy-gushy stuff. 😉
  Your comfort zone provides security to your well-being but life outside your comfort zone brings anxiety and stress but also change. Change brings growth which results in advancement (for all my math folks, change+growth=advancement). Let me break it down. Adjusting your habits (such as stress management, time management, etc), your lifestyle (such as partying every day, getting a degree, etc.), and your attitude (don’t be a negative Nancy) will change your life. Living a positive life with good, productive habits will transform your life. These life adjustments will give you the tools to defeat daily issues. After that, your confidence will soar and you’ll be confident to take on more in your life. It really is a great cycle and proves the struggle is worth the reward. My comfort zone is my hometown, working in retail, and being surrounded by my family. The ultimate life for me outside my comfort bubble is living it up in New York City (cue a crowd applauding), strutting around in high heels, and working in one of the offices in the skyscrapers. Life begins outside of your comfort zone and I know you’ll flourish.
  Okay, another example to share. I moved to Denver by myself a couple weeks before I turned eighteen. My excuse was to better my education but honestly I just wanted to see what life was like away from my family, friends, and boyfriend. I was terrified but Denver felt so new and exciting. I opened up to this whole new world with new friends, exciting adventures, and it felt so good. I could take night walks through downtown and see the tranquility of such a thriving city. Sure, I missed my loved ones but I discovered a new person that looked exactly like me. I found a whole new strength in my struggle. I did make plenty of mistakes and learned some painful lessons but it was worth all of the wonderful people I met, for all the laughing I did, and the fun I experienced.
 So how do you get out of your comfort zone? Well, my friend, it’s not easy but completely worth it.

  1. You need to be okay with yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are and opening up to a different life is important. Knowing that things for you will change and know that you’ll grow. 
  2. You’ll need to be okay with taking risks. Comfort zones are safe because you’re stuck in this routine and don’t venture out.
  3. Realize it’s time to reconstruct your life. Sometimes it’s needed so you can reach your goals and desires.

  Gaining a desire to succeed is my big motivation for tweaking my life. I’ve learned a lot about Ambition (which I talk about in my previous post) and how it’s driven me to accomplish so much. I promise it’s worth it getting out of your cocoon and you’ll be dazzling in your happiness.


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