A Life Break

This past week and a half was extremely crazy but also really hard. I woke up one day and realized my life was pulled apart at the seams. Nothing bad really happened but coming back from my Thanksgiving vacation with my wonderful family, I realized I had a lot of emotions to process. I dealt with sadness, grief, and anger from those days. Don’t get me wrong, I felt plenty of happiness, joy, and love but I felt so much negativity from that vacation that I had to take it all in and move forward. Let me tell you, it was harder than I thought. I shut everyone out, I backed away from social media and my blog, and became my own priority. I needed to help myself before I could help anyone else. I know we all deal with so much but do we take care of ourselves during or even afterwards? I really didn’t and it affected me terribly. Every day while on this break, I discovered a new reason to be upset or enraged and didn’t think to calm down and think positively. I was finally home to visit with my loving family and yet I was still bitter.

I realized I was still bottling up a lot of heartache from previous experiences that happened SO LONG AGO. They just came back while I was on this trip to hurt me again and again. And I let myself suffer. I didn’t like the person in the mirror so I fixed it. I stepped away from everything and hung out with my self, pampered myself, and helped my inner Hannah. It felt good to tell the truth. After months of wedding planning, school work, full-time working, starting up an awesome blog, and my own personal drama, I needed my own recovery. It was so amazing! I hung out with a new, great friend of mine and discovered a lot about my city, volunteered at this amazing organization called Casa de Paz, and reread a couple of my favorite series. It was truthfully the best time I’ve had in awhile. I’m still working on resolving my past feelings of those long ago situations but I’m doing better right now. So, while you have your crazy life with all of the revolving problems and situations you’re involved with, it is okay to take a timeout and take care of yourself. You feel energized, focused, and mentally healthier so you’re even more ready to take on your obstacles.

As you can see, I made a new blog! I disliked most of everything about Blogger but was too scared to change over to WordPress but after my timeout, I researched for days to have an effective WordPress blog and I’ve been happier ever since. It still has the old content from my previous blog with Blogger (from Google) but completely updated. I actually LOVE this new website and it’s much easier to navigate. I was worried I made some mistakes that made it harder to get around but I made my mother check it out and she loved it as well. 🙂 So, I’m excited for this big change! If you have any feedback, I have a Contact page in case you have any comments or questions. I finally figured out how to link my social media accounts to this blog so it’s easier to follow me and see countless pictures of my kitty. 😉

My ranting is over. To summarize this whole post, change is good for you no matter how scary. It’s a good thing to take a life break and to take care of yourself. See you soon with a post on Final’s tips!




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