What It’s Like to Not Live in Your Dream City

hannahGrowing up, I lived in a decent sized town. It was a mix between a town and a small city. It’s only a fraction of the size of Denver but big enough that you don’t know everyone. I could go on and on about that town but it’s really not that bad. It was a pretty place to grow up with some great people surrounding me. I met my fiance there, most of my family lives there, and my best friend is there too. For years, I never felt that connection or that “home” feeling with the place. I never had a sense of belonging there. I enjoy visiting and having a good time but I never want to live there again. Since moving to Denver, that feeling has eased a bit but I know I don’t want to live here for years and years. I want to end up in New York City and enjoy the city! Everyone who knows me knows how badly I want to live in the “Big Apple”.  Anyways, this post isn’t about NYC but instead about that feeling you have when you don’t live in the city you really want to live in.

When you’re walking around wherever you’re at, there’s this ache saying “This is what I want to be looking at” or “I should be at [where ever you want]”. You may be enjoying your night but in the back of your mind you’re always wondering what you’d be doing in your dream city. This feeling of missing a place that you don’t live in flashes around your mind. You surround yourself with reminders of the beautiful place you want to live in like with home decor, movies, and many others. I have a stronger love for TV shows that are based in New York (Friends, How I Met Your Mother, etc.) and happily re-watch them over and over. My social media accounts are filled with accounts dedicated to my dream city along with some other cities that I enjoy as well.

It’s hard being young and with a low budget with this strong desire to live elsewhere. It’s hard feeling stuck in a place you don’t envision your life to be at. Don’t get me wrong, where I’m at in my life exceeds my expectation of what I thought it would be. Everything I do is for the betterment of my future and to live out my dreams.

You just got to realize that where you’re at now isn’t forever. It’s just for as long as you want it to be. You don’t have anyone stopping you from living out your dreams and doing what sets your soul on fire.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” -Author unknown




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