5 Ways to Stay Motivated All Year Long

I have a confession: I can feel my resolutions swirling in my toilet. It’s only sixteen days into the year and the goals I set for myself are slowly deteriorating. One of them is waking up thirty minutes before I normally do so I can prepare breakfast and lunch for myself and to not rush getting ready. I love enjoying my mornings but can’t if I’m hurrying around applying mascara and shoving my face into my work. I don’t want that for myself! Sure, an extra thirty minutes of sleep would be nice but that extra time is becoming necessary for my day at work. I think I’ve only woken up thirty minutes early a couple of times since the new year started… oops. No one wants to spend another year under prepared, struggling to get through the day, and to not enjoy these next eleven and a half months.

Let me just say, kudos to you for setting up resolutions/ goals for yourself. You reflected on 2016 and worked out what you want to work on/ change/ eliminate. According to Statistics Brain, the top resolution people make for the new year is weight loss/ health improvements. The second is self-improvement with making better financial decisions as a close third. Not a huge shocker, one might say. A couple of them on their list, for example, are to do more exciting things (anyone down for an adventure?) and learn something new on my own (I haven’t burnt my recipes too badly!) are some I have. Goals that I have are mainly for my projects I have set for this year and to improve my life long term. These will help with every aspect of my life and habits I’ll be working on for many more years to come.

Sooner or later, we come to the fork in a road, deciding to continue or to stop and revert to our “old life”(shout out to the phrase “new year, new me” since it’s clearly incorrect and overused). We have to make a decision to keep putting forth the effort for our goals or to change back to our default ways. It’s not up to me to make that decision for you but I’m here to write about how to keep up your good work and to accomplish your intentions.

Ways to Stick with Your Resolutions

  1. Humans are quite visual creatures. We love to see what we want to make our future rewards more real. I love keeping pictures, decor, and art work of what I want all around my home and in my work space. I love keeping my NYC decor spread around my work space, on my phone (I do a lot of work from my phone), and other various places. That constant reminder helps me to feel a rush of energy and excitement to accomplish my dreams. Or I keep my favorite books from my favorite authors on display just to show off the hard work, the dedication, and the accomplishment these authors have and what I want.
  2. If no one has told you this before, you are your own worst enemy but also your biggest supporter. You need to make sure that how you’re encouraging yourself is in a productive manner instead of attacking yourself. Along the way, you’ll have to give yourself constructive criticism that isn’t destructive or hurtful. You need to spend a good deal of time reminding yourself of your goals, of the progress you’ve made so far, and remind yourself on why you’re doing these goals. Finding your purpose is a big piece of the giant puzzle piece.
  3. Being as these goals are for you and only you, you’re in charge of your own accountability and are responsible for your goals. You mom, aunt, best friend, or partner didn’t set these for you. YOU did. They’re of importance to you so you should keep it accountable. You are responsible for your journey to the finish line.
  4. As I wrote in the first point, keeping display of my favorite authors has helped. I love keeping J.K. Rowling (duh, she’s the queen) and Cassandra Clare’s books set out to remind me of how hard work and dedication will help out on my road to achieving my goals for my life. It’s beneficial to have those people’s achievements out in the open because, well, if they can why can’t we? Having someone that accomplished or is on the road to accomplishing something similar to what you want will give you even more push. For example, with the recent boom of Youtube, many people are wanting to be big in that community whether it’s video games, cooking, or the big one (and my favorite genre) beauty. One of my favorite channels is by a woman named Jaclyn Hill. She is a beauty guru but that’s not why I adore her. She’s wonderfully talented but it was her personality and her views that really brought me to become a very big fan. Her story is amazing and she is always saying “If I can do it, you can too.”
  5. The final tip is to surround yourself with inspiration. This is a weird concept to describe so stay patient while I figure out words to formulate and explain this concept. Let me start with this example that will clarify my most likely confusing explanation. A little known fact about me is that I am obsessed with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and a bunch in that group. They remind me of New York and reinforce its appeal to me. I love to listen to music, read books, or anything else that reminds me of my dream city. So surround yourself with reminders that keep you thinking of your goals. For a health goal example, you would have upbeat music to listen to, follow great blogs dedicated to healthy recipes and great workouts, and have a wallpaper to excite you on what you’re working so hard on.

Another note I’d like to mention is work on being an even better person. There are WAY TOO MANY people out there that abuse women, children, and animals, terrorism, murderers, corruption, theft, and infinite other bad deeds. There are too many people that are just terrible and there is a desperate need for good people. There is so much going on that’s incomprehensibly horrible that we should have a common goal of being charitable, kind, and good people. Good luck to your resolutions!





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