Why It’s Okay to Let Go


Wow, so I have to admit, it’s been awhile since I last posted. In my defense, a lot has happened from my last post. There’s plenty of family problems but I’m talking about just my household. We welcomed an adorable and slightly (a lot, actually) satanic puppy into our home. He’s sweet, funny, but is, well, a puppy with a lot to learn. I also started a new job full of opportunity. The only downside is how early I have to wake up but it only gives me the excuse to drink twice as much coffee as I did before. Once I get home, all I want to do is curl up and cuddle for the rest of the night. I apologize for being so neglectful!

The associated picture in this post doesn’t have any significance to anyone but me and I’ll explain why along with the purpose of this post. Follow along and we’ll circle back to the bubbly ice. As only a sophomore in college, I still have ties to my old high school friends, thanks to social media. A lot of these friends on my social media were people I used to be exceptionally close to. A couple of them were my old best friends, my “squad”, and the list goes on. I use my accounts to keep up with family and let them know what I’m up to. Otherwise, I’m private since I’ve watched Criminal Minds long enough to know about the range of Internet users.

I found out some tough news about a family member recently and I posted about it on one of my accounts in reference in reference to the situation and only two people from my old friends reached out to me to check in. I really appreciated them, more than they could know. But those friends that I thought would reach out, didn’t. That was tough, a lot tougher than I thought. I didn’t realize how big of an impact they did have until I didn’t get any messages from them. Looking back, I know it’s fine because I shouldn’t expect the same behaviors from people that I would do for them. It’s really okay, but it was bothering me for awhile until I saw this ice block at my work. Let me set the picture for you. My friend from work and I went walking on our break to this bridge that has a tiny creek below it. It’s a really beautiful place with a walking path, some vegetation, and this pretty creek. Right underneath the bridge was this large ice block that used to be even larger but was diminishing due to this torrent of water spurting from a pipe on the belly of the bridge. Surrounding the large block of ice, were other ice blocks formed like bubbles. They were simply beautiful. This was the place I let go of my expectations of those old friends and honestly said ‘good-bye’ in my own way. I wasn’t really thinking about it then but felt it all go away. I wasn’t mad or upset anymore and just removed them from my life. At that point, I realized that these people didn’t contributed to my happiness or well-being and it was normal to move on. I have a whole new life, in a whole new city, with all of my new friends. I honestly don’t know what I’d talk about with those old friends.

I know a lot of people go through this so I hope you know it’s okay to move on with your life. Appreciate those memories and welcome in new memories with those in your new life.

I hope you had a wonderful first month of the year! I can’t wait to see what’s to come. 🙂




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