Overcoming Fear to Follow Your Dreams

I have to be honest, I struggled to find something to write for this blog this morning. My mind has been so focused on A Girl in Makeup that I really didn’t know what to write about that wasn’t beauty related. But it kind of came to me when I was scrambling to figure out what to write. First, let me start out with a background.

It’s always been my dream to have a writing career. I’ve always loved writing since I can remember and have always enjoyed reading. My stepmom always cracked jokes about me laying in bed all day every weekend to read my books. I only got up to get food! Until these blogs, I never had the courage to publicly display my written thoughts. I was always encouraged to by many of my English teachers but my fear of criticism and judgement prevented me from ever publishing anything. I then realized why should I care? I’m surrounded by an ocean of support and continuously receive encouragement that I shouldn’t have any reserves about writing. It makes me happy so why shouldn’t I do what pleases my soul?

It dawned on me that I’m achieving my goal of actually writing content on the internet. Something so simple completely changed my life and my ambitions so I appreciate you reading this very much. When anyone tells me their life dreams but are admittedly scared, I always present them with “If I can start a blog, you can definitely do that.” It’s completely fine to be scared to pursue your passions but it’s really not okay if that’s the obstacle that’s stopping you. Where do you think Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg would be if they listened to that annoying voice inside their head? Definitely not the billionaires that they became. 

Sticking to that picture in your head of where you want to be should be your motivation. Don’t like where you’re at now? Make a plan to get where you want to be. Everyone knows where they want to find themselves in the end game. Personally, a house on the beach with my future husband and a good book to read as the sun is setting after a good day of doing what I love is my idea of perfection. You want to spend the next fifty years of your life doing what you love, what you get excited to wake up for, what sets the fire in your veins. Whether you want to start your own business, or save lives, or write, this world is full of opportunities and resources. We’re not kids anymore. You have the opportunity to choose what is the most exciting for you.

Many of the most inspirational people came from nothing and just started on their path. They struggled and fought to get what they wanted. They offered their talent to the world and made something of themselves. Finding where to start and make the first step is tricky but once you do, every step after that is worth the fight.

Every successful person started with an idea and went from there. They have the same twenty four hours that you do.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.




One thought on “Overcoming Fear to Follow Your Dreams

  1. Kara

    I love your advice to follow your dreams to please your soul!! We only have this life to follow our dreams… I know I don’t want to feel any regrets in my final moments of what I wished I had done!!

    Liked by 1 person

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