Travel Bucketlist

Fun fact about me: anytime I have a bad day, I always look at different places in the world I want to travel. My Pinterest has a few boards dedicated to travel with countless pictures of where I want to adventure to. My parents passed down their love for travel down to me and it’s become quite an obsession of mine. It’s addicting learning the history of locations, seeing their beautiful sights, and becoming immersed in the culture.

So, after a long week (I had the flu and it kicked my butt) I want to share a few destinations of mine that I’ve been longing to go to. I have countless places I want to go to as soon as possible but these are what I want to start with!

The Redwood Forest.

(Located in Northern California)

Forests are absolutely aesthetically pleasing and absolutely beautiful. There’s something absolutely enchanting about the forest and all the history it’s kept secret for hundreds of years. The Redwood Forest has stunning sights that have brought in millions of visitors each year.

redwood forest

(Courtesy of the Discovery Channel)

2. Harry Potter World

(Located in Orlando, Florida and Universal City, California)

Okay, how stinking cool is it that someone decided to grace this world a location dedicated to my favorite series?  A world just for Harry Potter fans! It’s absolutely amazing that it’s a real place. It’s filled with adventures similar to what was written in the books. Clearly, this place is on my list and on every other fans’ list.

I also want to go to London and take a “Harry Potter Tour” and see some little features that are Harry Potter related!

harry potter world

(Courtesy of Variety)

3. European Castles

I want to visit Europe so badly but want to dedicated a whole trip just to see their castles! The architecture is absolutely mesmerizing and is absolutely thick with history. It will be fascinating to learn their secrets hidden within the walls. It’s amazing that despite many wars, these spectacular structures have lasted centuries, giving all of us an insight to the  history of that time.

First castle: Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, Germany. (Picture Courtesy of Distinctly Deutschland)

Second castle: Le Mont St. Michel Castle, Normandy, France. (Picture Courtesy of Luxury Lifestyle Living)

Third castle: Warwick Castle, Warwick, England. (Picture: Courtesy of Europe & Beyond)

Anyone in for a little adventure? Let me know what is on your bucket list in the comments!




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