Why You Don’t Date the Smooth Guy

I read an article early in high school about why you wish shouldn’t date a smooth talker. I wish I could find it again because it was absolutely excellent! Some time later, I did the exact opposite of what the article said and I dated/ became involved with a smooth talker. I could kick my younger self for being so enraptured to that guy! Clearly, now I’m in my last relationship for the rest of my life but I’ve noticed a lot of my friends getting involved with smooth talkers so I’m writing about that pathetic mess. I honestly cringe anytime I think about it.

But what is a “smooth guy”? He makes you feel special especially when he tells you some of his secrets and makes you feel as though he’s only comfortable with you. Comfortable enough to share new information about himself to you. He acts different, even gentler when he’s with you. He’s kinder, a listener, and can make any situation you’re in seem achievable. He draws you in just enough to give you a glimpse into his mind but doesn’t bring you in completely. You become enchanted with every part of him and always curious about him.

He’s “busy” and can only hang out with you when he wants to. You await in anticipation for the next time he sends a text your way or wanting to hang out. It’s like a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” and you’re just waiting to be that goose. Never would you ask him to hang out otherwise you’re perceived as desperate and you’re secretly savoring his sweet words of invitation. No, you couldn’t possibly be as bold to ask to hang out. You want to figure out if he is actually interested.

I can’t give you enough reasons why you shouldn’t even think about this guy. The most important reason is you’ll get hurt. You can’t imagine it now of this charming person hurting you but it always ends that way. I’d like to think that they just aren’t ready for what you have to offer. Something to remember is to date the person that doesn’t talk perfectly. The man that stumbles around his words will always trump the boy that will say magical words. Have you ever looked back and picked out the commonalities of your good relationships and your bad ones? It’s enlightening to know what draws you in to the bad ones and the good ones.

Looking back, you’ll come to appreciate these people as well. They’ll make you feel absolute gratitude to the person you spend the rest of your life with and so happy that this person is different from the bad apple. I promise that in the end, it’s so worth it even after all the heartbreak and waiting you’ve had to endure. When you’re eighty and kicking back, you won’t even bat an eyelash at your younger years endeavors.

I’m curious to know of those bad egg relationships that really impacted you. Let me know in the comments! See you Thursday for a new post! 🙂



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