Simple Every Day Look

This is the perfect every day make up look complimentary to nearly everyone. … More Simple Every Day Look


Travel Bucketlist

Fun fact about me: anytime I have a bad day, I always look at different places in the world I want to travel. My Pinterest has a few boards dedicated to travel with countless pictures of where I want to adventure to. My parents passed down their love for travel down to me and it’s become quite … More Travel Bucketlist

Bittersweet Reality of Living Away from Home

Living away from home is one of the most emotionally confusing phases of the young adult life. You feel excitement mostly but faintly sad over leaving everything and everyone you know. There’s the thrill of venturing through life untethered to our parents, living a life catered to the independent individual, and figuring out who in … More Bittersweet Reality of Living Away from Home

Pursue Your Dream

I saw a video that honestly made me completely change my perspective. This video has brought on a lot of thoughts and questions. I don’t want to keep waiting for the weekend. Neither should you. Here’s the link. I recommend you watch it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Xo, H. Ps- I’m still … More Pursue Your Dream


I never thought in a million years that I’d struggle with closure. When I let go of people or they leave my life, it never leaves me satisfied. I can think of a few people that I need to say good-bye. I’ve found those people to not benefit my life or they’ve hurt me terribly … More Closure